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Bubble Purple Universal-Motorradhelm-Visier

Minimum Order Quantity: 5000 pieces
  • Gy-Motorcycle Helm Visor-Revo Green

Full Face Bubble Shield 3-snap Windproof Motorcycle Helmet Visor/Lens for Motorcycle Helmets

Outstanding Optical Clarity: The visor is made with high quality injection-molded polycarbonate shield. It has great optical clarity with lower distortion. It will not make you feel dizzy.

Comprehensive Protection: Protect your eyes and face from strong wind, sunlight, bugs, dust and debris while riding.

UV Protection: The visor can protect riders from the sun's damaging UVA and UVB rays.

Anti-fog Coating: With anti-fog coating, the visor can effectively keep your sight clear and give you a better view in a rainy or foggy day, which protects your driving safety.

Scratch and abrasion resistant

Fits most 3-snap helmets

Multiple Color: clear/tinted/chromed (mirror/revo)

Customization: We can customize any size and shape for you.


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